About The Dream Initiative Foundation

All Athletes Deserve an Equal Chance

The cost of playing in sports leagues, attending developmental camps, and competing at elite showcases are barriers for many families seeking life-changing college recruiting exposure for their athletes. Our intention is to ensure that deserving student-athletes from all backgrounds have equal opportunities to develop their skills, connect with college programs, and maximize their chances of earning scholarships and playing at the collegiate level.

Dreams to Reality

The Dream Initiative Foundation offers scholarships to eligible families, eliminating or offsetting the costs associated with participation not only in sports activities, but with personal college recruiting coordination as well, turning dreams to reality for those who may not have otherwise had the chance to benefit from these programs.

How You Can Help

Make a one time or recurring donation. Every contribution directly helps an athlete with participation in one of our partner services. Your help provides student-athletes with the means to improve athletically, build exposure, be recruited, and be successful in sports, college, and in life.

Choose your path of participation.

For some of us, the opportunity to play sports was always there. We benefited from sports participation by making friends, building lifelong memories and using it as a tool for a higher level education.  

The athletes of this generation and beyond, need the same opportunities to be succeed.

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